Update 36 - Major Goodies

Greetings friends! Ever wanted to live in the wilderness and be completely self sufficient? Well now you can. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that would cause buildings to change their look between loads.
  • Hopefully fixed a bug that would cause a single character to have multiple character models at once.
  • You can now eat and equip items from your pack.
  • You can now warp your camera to a location when paused.
  • People should no longer stand diagonally when foraging.
  • People should now eat and consume medicine at home more reliably.
  • The hiring window will no longer reset your game speed when closed.
  • Fixed a bug where in some cases the first level of inventory upgrade would not do anything.
  • Character animations should now load correctly when loading a saved game.


  • The action label shown when you select a character will now update in real time.
  • The adoption window will now let you select the child to investigate them before you adopt them.
  • As a landlord, you no longer have full access to rental inventories.
  • ‘Case’ has been changed to ‘Peek Into’.
  • Eating will now increase your current health and immunity.
  • Big tweaks to UI and font consistency.
  • Your custom building name will now be used in notifications instead of the original building name.
  • Characters will now use herbal charms that are stored at home.
  • Camera panning now will take a second or so to get to full speed. This should make it easier to do fine adjustments to the camera position.

The Good Stuff

  • Thugs have been completely overhauled:
    • Table of skulduggery has been removed.
    • New building - Den. Can only be built in the wilderness and allows you to hire people to do your bidding.
    • Thugs have a new job title - ‘Hyrmann’.
    • Cart drivers can now fight back when being waylaid.
    • Waylaying itself has gone through some major changes - multiple hyrmenn can now work together when waylaying and the skill system for waylaying has been reworked.
    • Your hyrmenn can also be commanded to break into buildings, commit arson, and attack people
  • You can now equip an axe and cut wood from trees. Hold right click near some trees to get the option.
  • You are now able to do some productions at home based on the upgrades you have applied to your home. This is extremely handy for hunters who want to butcher their own meat at home.
  • Proper tooltips have been added to most things, including world objects (can be turned off or on in options)
  • New ambience and sounds have been added. You’ll now see things like fireflies, butterflies, and dust in the world that are time and season dependant (can be turned off or on in options).
  • New market models.
  • You can now access the Wiki (www.atorcoppe.com/wiki) in-game. Available on Windows only at the moment. The new Wiki is a WIP and I am slowly adding things as time allows.
  • You can now hold DEL to highlight all buildings, characters, and animals. This will also show them in front of trees.
  • Rebuilt options menu.
  • Camera rotation can now be done with left click (can be turned off or on in options). This is especially helpful for those playing with trackpads.
  • @Mac people: SAELIG now runs natively on Apple Silicon. I’ve been playing it on an M1 Pro, and it actually runs bloody well.

I’ve no doubt missed a few things off the list.

This is the biggest and most extensive update I have done in a while. I hope you love it. As always, your saves are compatible, but if you do experience issues with a save, please send it to me. :)


Windows x64 5 GB
Version 23 Aug 08, 2022
MacOS Intel + Silicon 5 GB
Version 4 Aug 08, 2022
Linux x64 7 GB
Version 4 Aug 08, 2022


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